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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ex-slave was early Marquette settler

By FRANCES PORTER, Marquette County History Museum MARQUETTE - Now that the oil tanks in South Marquette are gone and Founders Landing is under development, residents and visitors can view a rather large granite outcrop on the Lake Superior shoreline, near the mouth of Whetstone Brook, known as Gaines Rock. The rock was named for the Gaines family, who called it home from 1855 until 1917. William Gaines came to Marquette to work for the Herman Ely family in 1855 as a coachman and groundskeeper. He was born a slave and freed by his father, Pitt Gaines, an aristocratic ship builder from Virginia. William purchased another slave, Mary, from his father and married her before sailing to Houghton to work in the copper mines. He was injured by falling ore shortly after being hired. William and Mary Gaines moved to Marquette following his recuperation. Full Story:


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